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What is New Leaf Design?

New Leaf Design is a building and remodeling company. We do custom work, which means we specialize in a dynamic, interactive process through which your living needs, your values, and your aesthetic sensibilities are fully realized in your home. In the ideal sense, your home is your most immediate expression of how you live and interact with the world. Our ideal is to help you discover that expression and bring it into being.

But this is not all we must do. Philosophically, New Leaf Design is committed to the idea that we as human beings must live on this earth within its sustainable capacities. No matter where we live or how we build, we must not only consider our own needs; we must also recognize the quality and needs of the building site, the local environment, and the global environment - and take steps to ensure that these are enhanced appropriately or left undisturbed.

Home Performance Building and Remodeling

New Leaf Design is a Home Performance building and remodeling company. We integrate traditional construction and contracting services with a critical focus on thermal efficiency, indoor air quality, and building durability.

Home performance, specifically, is a concept which recognizes that your house is a system - a mini-ecosystem - in which light, temperature, air quality, and humidity, are managed in a sustainable way to enhance your life and comfort, as well as the life of the building. What comes in must be fresh and life-giving. What goes out must be recycled or reintegrated - into the larger ecosystem.