Energy Audit

New Leaf Design conducts full energy audits on both commercial buildings and homes. An energy audit is a thorough inspection and analysis of the different components within a building including but not limited to the windows, walls, attics, basements and HVAC systems. The goal of the energy audit is to assess the energy efficiency of the entire building based on its thermal performance. New Leaf auditors have been certified through the Building Performance Institute (BPI) to perform comprehensive audits using advanced equipment to collect accurate data. After the raw data is collected during the energy audit (which takes approximately 4-6 hours), New Leaf sends the client a detailed report that outlines the findings from the audit, in an easily digestible manner, and includes prioritized recommendations, with estimated costs, for energy improvement work for the building.

infrared image
Infrared Image of Interior of Holly Hall
Bristol, VT

Energy Assessment

New Leaf Design also offers energy assessments on homes for owners who do not need a full audit report. The same tests are performed during the assessment as during the audit, however, New Leaf does not supply the customer with a comprehensive report on the findings or recommendations for the home.

Home Performance Consultation

An in home consultation is a great solution for those homeowners who have multiple questions about their home. Do you have enough insulation in your attic? Ever thought what you can personally do to improve the performance of your home? Instead of searching for days on the internet, let New Leaf make it easier for you! Have us come to your home and have a comprehensive discussion with you, face to face.

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